Science, Research, and Technology is a four year sequence of courses designed to integrate science skills and processes with the use of mathematics and technology to better understand the impact of scientific research on our world and our lives.  Students will be engaged in a variety of activities involving independent research and experimentation, investigation, design, and construction.

In SRT 1, the students are introduced to a variety of the tools used in scientific research, including data collection equipment such as Vernier probes, software for data analysis such as Microsoft Excel and Wolfram Mathematica, and the specific expectations for keeping a legally valid scientific notebook.

In addition to learning how to collect and analyze data, students in SRT 1 work on improving their presentation skills, both through written and oral communication. The sharing of information gathered during an experiment is an essential part of the scientific process, and is reinforced throughout the four year SRT sequence.

A major goal of SRT 1 is to improve the student’s problem-solving skills, so in addition to lab work, students are also introduced to computer programming through Java.