Casey Busch- SMA Class of 2017- University of Delaware

“I have been in my second semester for two weeks now and I just wanted to tell you how appreciative I am of the SMA and how well it prepared me for college. A majority of the information I am learning in my classes, I was taught throughout the four years in the SMA. The SMA has made college so much less stressful and I couldn’t be more thankful. So, I just wanted to say thank you for your involvement in my success!”

Lauren Drumm- SMA Class of 2015- University of Maryland, College Park
“I really wanted to reach out today and thank you and all of the other teachers in the SMA for all the skills you taught me. This semester I got a job on campus at an Undergraduate Teaching Fellow (UTF) which means I basically help an engineering professor lead students through an engineering project where they design and build a small vehicle, the class is basically taught like SRT3 with Mr. Evans, with reports and building and a final poster presentation but all within guidelines to complete the task. 

I wake up this morning to an email from the professor I work with saying she was sick and couldn’t come so I have to teach a 2 hour lecture about how to write a technical engineering report and how to give a project proposal presentation. I have never been so grateful for SRT in my entire life. I don't think I could have been as successful and comfortable being put in that sort of situation without the guidance and practice that the SMA gave me…I just wanted to let you know how much I have grown to appreciate the experiences I had in high school.”

Ignacio Estay Forno- SMA Class of 2014-MIT
“It’s been over a year now and I still have great memories of spending time back on the third floor of AHS with everyone, friends and teachers alike. Over time I’ve grown to see how truly great of a program the SMA was. First of all the rigor of the SMA has been instrumental in helping to develop the skills and work ethic required to do well here at MIT (and anywhere else of course). Furthermore, I’m several weeks into my third semester now, and the lab requirements echo those of SRT courses, but actually have softer, less rigorous expectations for the students and lab notebooks. I honestly feel that I’m at a huge advantage whenever doing technical writing or documenting work within a lab notebook. The SMA gave me memories, experiences, and it gave me a tangible product that I can share and be proud of.”

Kacie Bawiec – SMA Class of 2014 – MIT

“My daughter is Kacie Bawiec and she has adjusted great at MIT.  I am absolutely sure that being at SMA not only gave her the shot to get into MIT, but also gave her the skills to handle the work load.  She's been there for 3 weeks and classes started last Wednesday.  The homework load is already crazy - but to her it has not been a big deal. She was so adjusted to the homework load at SMA that it doesn't bother her.  They work in groups to do a lot of the homework there, so all the group work that they do in SMA gives great college skills.

Just wanted you to know that the program is appreciated way beyond high school, and hope to see you in 2 years when my youngest will be in 9th grade.”

Andrew Wood- SMA Class of 2015- Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

“I wanted to let you know that I am doing great down here! I never fully appreciated what all the upperclassmen meant when they told how first semester in college was easier than senior year at SMA. My favorite classes right now are Calc and Phys because I love answering questions that other people years ahead of me are stumped on.”

Alison Sansone- SMA Class of 2014- Clemson University
“I just wanted to personally say thank you for everything you have done for the SMA and the way you have pushed us to take harder classes. I just got back from my orientation at Clemson and I’m happy to say that I have 43 credits due to my AP courses. This means I am technically starting in as a sophomore which is such a surprise! Also since we were required to take Physics junior year I have now passed out of both physics classes I needed to take in college which is an incredible relief! Also I am completely done with math thanks to AP Calc AB and AP Stat. This is also a huge relief and allows me to continue on with higher biology courses and possibly even add a minor.”

Rishma Ralman- SMA Class of 2011- University of Pittsburg

“College is going great so far! I had my first Chem exam today, I feel like the SMA definitely prepared me for college. Denise goes to the same college as me, and we were just saying the other day that college is basically SMA part 2.”

Prawit “Wit” Sirirwat- SMA Class of 2011- New School for Jazz
“New School for Jazz is going wonderfully well. All those SMA AP credits are allowing me to take music classes exclusively this semester. It’s almost like an SMA for jazz musicians. It’s a little strange to see the work ethic applied in the SMA to this new environment.”

Hailey Cramer- SMA Class of 2011- University of Delaware

“We are learning how to use a program called Maple, which is very similar to Mathematica, so I am glad that SMA taught me that. I am also glad that I had taken both AP Calc AB and BC so that I already have some prior knowledge on what is going on. My intro to engineering class is about 350 students and it is basically like SRT I all over again…My computer science class is also pretty easy because we are learning the basics of Python and SMA really gave me a lot of background on computer programming.”

Alexis Sfikas- SMA Class of 2012- Towson University
“Last week I was talking to one of my professors about a research paper I had written about the history of Paris. While we were talking he said my research skills were exceptional, and he wished that more incoming freshmen were as prepared for college writing as I was. When I heard that I knew I had to email the SMA and thank everyone. I’s so glad I went to the SMA and learned from it.”

Jackie Le- SMA Class of 2012- The Cooper Union

Please let Ms. Liberto know that she really prepared me for my linear algebra class. She covered more material last year than what I’ll be learning this semester. We aren’t even getting to eigenvalues! I’m taking an engineering design class this semester and it’s really similar to SRT 3.”

Chloe Quinlan- SMA Class of 2011- Johns Hopkins University
“I’m taking Probability and Statistics right now, and we’re basically doing what we did in Math Logic in high school. I thought you might like to hear that Math Logic is helping quite a bit.”

Jacob Rosenthal- SMA Class of 2011- University of Virginia

“I thought I’d write to let you know about how much the SMA has helped me at UVA and at my part-time job. I currently work in a lab within the School of Medicine at UVA, under Dr. Deshmukh. According to him, one of the major reasons he hired me over the other applicants was my problem solving and technical experience- and I have to say, this has been reflected in my workload. I think the programming classes probably gave me the best head start. I’d hazard to say that about 3 of my core classes thus far have required or benefited largely from some programming experience, and I think that there’s still more to come. Ultimately, I think the SMA’s emphasis on problem solving and inventive solutions has done me wonders thus far.”

Patrick Cross- SMA Class of 2012- Drexel University
“I’m way ahead of the curve and can actually spend my first weeks at school getting use to college life and not struggling with my course work. Thanks to all of you I was able to start working over the summer at CERDEC with only a high school diploma.”

Parent of Lauren Betz- SMA Class of 2012- Boston University
“Lauren is spending this semester of her junior year at Boston University abroad in Quito, Ecuador doing a tropical ecology program. She just recently spent her ‘spring break’ on the Galapagos Islands with her fellow classmates as part of the semester program. We owe a lot of it to the opportunities she had attending the SMA/AHS.”

Rachael Heisey- SMA Class of 2015- University of Maryland, College Park
“Everyone wants to be my partner in lab because I’m the only one who actually knows what I’m doing. Everything is so easy for me and I’m really glad that I went to SMA and the teachers were as strict on us as they were because that made the college transition very easy.”